You will be guided on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and empowerment in the heart of Italy with inspirational facilitators in an exciting variety of interesting and soulful experiences.


Jayne began her career as a Registered Dietitian and Corporate Health Educator. After the birth of her third son, she left her job creating corporate employee health and wellness programs to stay at home and raise her three amigos. In 2001, the unimaginable happened and Jayne’s middle son Max passed away after a brief battle with leukemia. In time, Jayne began to emerge from her grief and stepped onto her spiritual path immersing herself in different healing modalities and reading books to try and find answers to “why” did this happen. 

As part of her healing journey, Jayne spent 6 years co-leading groups of Bereaved Parents at the Dougy Center for Grieving Children and their Families. During this time, Jayne helped facilitate a safe place to over 150 grieving parents by providing her compassionate support, focused listening skills and first-hand experience allowing participants to heal and have hope for a brighter future. 

Jayne was later inspired to reconnect with her creativity after reading the Artist’s Way and reinvented herself as a handbag designer with a personal passion to make a difference. She successfully launched JayneMax, a soulfully luxurious handbag company and co-founded Blue Butterfly Campaign, a non-profit whose mission is to fund cutting-edge research for childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Jayne is an entrepreneur and loves taking a vision and bringing it to fruition. She was inspired to create the Sacra Blu Retreat on one of her solo trips to Cortona Italy. The magic of Italy, their culture, food and way of life was so healing that she felt called to bring other women here to share this experience with them. Like the butterfly, Jayne has transformed through many of life’s challenges and is excited to help guide and support other women into making meaningful changes in their own lives. 

Some of the most important things she’s learned on this journey: 

Trust the process and timing of your life, believe in yourself, your capabilities and that all things are possible. All of our past experiences have made us who we are today. You can transform your life in a way that you never imagined.


Matylda equips leaders and professionals with the strategies, tools, and mindset to reach the next level of their personal and professional growth. From startup founders and serial entrepreneurs to C-suite leaders and professionals in career transition, Matylda helps you overcome personal and professional barriers so that nothing stands in the way of your success.

Her coaching is informed by the latest research in the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology, and she works with the assumption that the brain is capable of change and that you are already whole, resourceful and capable of achieving your goals.

Her approach to coaching is like archaeology – the answers, truths and decisions are already within you, and she brings the toolkit to help excavate, examine and make sense of them together. She helps clients take the leap to learn how you can achieve the next level of success
and become the leader you were meant to be.

Matylda is a PCC-level coach, credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She completed her initial leadership and executive coach training at NYU, and also completed training in group and team coaching, mindfulness coaching and Positive Intelligence. Prior to coaching, she earned an M.A. in Digital Journalism from NYU and a B.A. in Television/Radio/Film production from Syracuse University.


Gretchen brings a unique combination of practical leadership skills, a deep spiritual perspective, and body-based healing modalities to the Conscious Movement Practice. Her years managing small & large teams in a professional capacity, while undergoing her own transformational journey, sparked her interest in finding a way she could bring her gifts to those seeking healing and transformation. 

The Conscious Movement Practice allows participants to let their bodies move in ways that can unlock energy and open up pathways to personal insights.

Gretchen began her own personal & spiritual growth journey over thirteen years ago and has been participating in and leading groups in this transformational process for the past eight years. She has experienced and held the exquisite sacred space created for healing when participants intentionally bring their authentic feelings & energy to their longing for transformation.


Cinda is a four-time, award-winning author for her book: I KNOW NOW—A Woman’s Healing: Violence to Victory, Trauma to Truth. Her 2010 viral article titled ROAR! is now a hardback, illustrated book with the same title. Both books empower women to embrace their calling and gifts and offer guidance in how to heal oneself, others, and their world.

Cinda works as a Spiritual Advisor offering support to her clients by creating unique rituals of healing for them. She believes that true recovery comes when one focuses on healing the whole of self—which she refers to as the Sacred Trinity of Wholeness: Psychological/Physical/Spiritual. Today, in her powerful 7 Days of Grace program—7 Days, 7 Rituals, 7 Grace Centers; she guides women to become vessels for this Divine Essence and how to shift our struggling planet into the light of Grace.

“The time has come where the change we are seeking will come from the world of the unseen but will be materialized through the women who know and accept the call.” Cinda

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Sacra Blu offers Women’s Retreats for personal and soulful transformation in the beautiful land of Italy and beyond.

Founder, Jayne Dearborn was inspired to create the upcoming retreat on one of her solo trips to Cortona Italy. The magic of Italy, the culture, food and way of life was so profoundly healing that she felt deeply called to bring other women to this beautiful place to create an inspiring and uplifting experience with them.

“Sacra Blu means Sacred Blue in Italian. Blue is the color of healing and it is sacred to me mainly as the Blue Butterfly. It represents transformation and growth.”