Experience personal & soulful transformation in beautiful Cortona, Italy at the Sacra Blu Women's Retreat May 14 - 20

You will be guided on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and empowerment in the heart of Italy with inspirational facilitators in an exciting variety of interesting and soulful experiences.


Sacra Blu offers Women’s Retreats for personal and soulful transformation in the beautiful land of Italy and beyond.

Founder, Jayne Dearborn was inspired to create the upcoming retreat on one of her solo trips to Cortona Italy. The magic of Italy, the culture, food and way of life was so profoundly healing that she felt deeply called to bring other women to this beautiful place to create an inspiring and uplifting experience with them.

“Sacra Blu means Sacred Blue in Italian. Blue is the color of healing and it is sacred to me especially in the form of a Blue Butterfly, representing transformation and growth.”